Accepting Applications, CoWork Springfield

Now Accepting Applications!

Springfield’s Office for Mobile Workers   CoWork Springfield is home to a diverse group of businesses across industries and sectors. We offer maximum flexibility with no long-term contracts and unlimited access to networking events, workshops, and best of all, a variety of workspace options to choose from. We are accepting applications for a limited number of […]

Insights from a Customer Service Agent

5 Things I learned about working in Customer Service at a Grocery Store Working in customer service is no easy task, and making sure the customers always leave happy is much harder. When I started as a customer service representative 3 years ago, I was told to just smile and be polite and everything should […]

3 Things To Know When Buying a Used Smartphone

3 Things To Know When Buying a Used Smartphone, Guest Post

Guest Post by Frank Tate of PHYX iPhone Repair. Frank repairs and sells iPhones and Androids and is a wiz at fixing broken screens!   3 Things To Know When Buying a Used Smartphone Our electronic internet devices are seemingly indispensable. They’ve become everyday tools that hold a similar value to that of cars and […]

Be Your Own Chief Visionary Officer

What does a business visionary look like? If you are a business owner, chances are you are the head of marketing, VP of sales, director of finance, webmaster, technical support, and probably 100 other titles. Where does business planning come into play daily, weekly, annually? How often do you sit down to plan, or even dream, […]