Be Your Own Chief Visionary Officer

What does a business visionary look like?

If you are a business owner, chances are you are the head of marketing, VP of sales, director of finance, webmaster, technical support, and probably 100 other titles. Where does business planning come into play daily, weekly, annually? How often do you sit down to plan, or even dream, about where your business is headed? We know it’s important to set goals, but when you’re in the trenches working “in” your business, how do you manage to work “on” your business?

Next week, at our Lunchtime Q&A Series, our guest speaker, Leanne Sedlak, “Chief Visionary Officer”, of SkinCatering will share her story and answer questions about how to plan big.


Leanne Sedlak started her business as a traveling massage therapist. She had a small list of clients whom she had on a regular rotation. From there she added a retail space in Tower Square, a complete line of all-natural skincare products that she makes from her retail space, and has now added a second location as the spa partner with the D Hotel in Holyoke. And she isn’t even close to being done. Leanne has a plan to go big. Really big.

Join us on Tuesday, March 21st at 12pm to hear how Leanne has grown her business and learn some of the tips and tricks she uses to manage the mini heart attacks and strokes of being a business owner looking to grow an empire.