What They Didn’t Teach You In College

Posted by: Lioness Staff You worked hard in school. You signed up for all the classes that you heard would help you to succeed in business and you did your best to absorb those lessons and strategies. You launched your business and followed all the formulas for success, so why isn’t your business thriving the way […]

Low Cost Business Ideas

Posted by: Entrepreneur.com The Top 100 Low-Cost Franchises Franchises with lower costs of entry can make it easier for you to plan to be your own boss. Here’s a look at the strategies behind low-cost franchising and some resources on where to find successful opportunities.   CONTINUED READING

Why Do We Fail To Listen To Critical Advice That Would Turn Our Businesses Around?

Posted by: Kathy Caprino In the past few years, I’ve immersed myself in learning as much as I could about online marketing, product and program launches, and important sales and marketing strategies for building my small business. And I’m still learning every day, as the landscape, technology and challenges change daily. Throughout this process, I’ve also met […]

9 Answers You Need About Yourself Before Starting Your Own Business

Posted by: Ryan Mcmunn When considering starting your own company, there are a lot of financial, legal and business questions you need to ask yourself. “How am I going to raise money? Who are my competitors? Are there patents on similar products?” I’m not going to focus on those types of questions here. I’m going […]

Top 7 Reasons You Should Make Mobile Marketing a Priority

Posted by: Rehan Ijaz (Contributor) Mobile marketing is the “in” thing, and more and more companies are taking advantage. If your brand isn’t one of them, you need to get on the bandwagon soon — or you’ll be left far behind your competitors. Here are seven reasons why marketing managers and CMOs must make mobile […]

You’ll Never Regret This Business Investment

Posted by: Entrepreneur Staff (Amy Cosper) I once saw a painting called Contemplation on Emptiness, and it fulfilled me. It was so insanely gorgeous — the colors, the subject, the pure grace of the piece — that my soul was rocked. Unfortunately, buying it would also rock my bank account. I fought the urge. I battled my internal voice. […]

4 Reasons Why Smart Companies Are Going Remote

Posted by: Peter Gasca (Contributor & Entrepreneur, Startup Consultant) As someone who loves and is lucky to live near the ocean, I enjoy occasionally working remotely near the beach, with a cup of coffee and a laptop, enveloped in the soft sounds and cool breeze of the ocean. Fortunately, improvements in technology and new business mindsets have […]

Women Reported Launching Startups With Half The Cash Than Men

Posted by: Lioness Staff Options for funding entrepreneurial ventures are increasing in the U.S., particularly with the growth of crowdfunding and the prevalence of informal investors, but entrepreneurs still depend on bootstrapping and support from family and friends to finance startups—this according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2015 U.S. Report issued by Babson College and […]

Infographic: How To Open A Clothing Store

Posted by: Lioness Staff Opening your clothing store or any store that might be your goal or your dream and is certainly an attainable one with the right execution. Check full story  

3 Steps To A Profitable Startup

  Posted by: Lioness Staff Why do some startups succeed, while others wind up in a death spiral? A quick summary here of the gutsy steps BloomThat executives took to save their business provides a backdrop and introduction to the three critical steps you should take to launch a profitable, sustainable, and successful startup. CONTINUED […]

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