5 Ways to Improve Your Business Language Skills Quickly

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Business language skills are critical needs in this modern era of globalization and cut-throat competition.

An employee that has competency in business language skills is likely to be able to climb up the career ladder with ease. And that applies to businesses as a whole, too: a recent study conducted by Bersin and Associates reveals that organizations that are able to communicate their strategies in a clear and precise manner are 113 times more likely to achieve higher levels of profitability and efficiency.

A similar study conducted by Global English reveals that 97% of employees surveyed believe that poor communication as a result of inadequate business language skills can create misunderstanding.

A staggering 83% of employees report that poor business language skills have resulted in a negative impact on sales, profitability and efficiency of operations in their organizations.

It is therefore imperative that anyone who wants to succeed in business, managers and workers alike, focuses on improving business language skills.

Gaining competency over this particular skill will allow you to communicate with your peers, subordinates, supervisors, and clients easily and clearly, and this will bring an increase in productivity that will ultimately result in higher profitability.

Here are five simple ways that will allow you to improve your business language skills quickly:

1. Increase Your Vocabulary

Improving vocabulary is key in mastering the specialized words used in business language.

You can easily improve your vocabulary through training software that offers a comprehensive range of exercises. Learning commonly-used business idioms and abbreviations can also enhance your vocabulary.

Furthermore, you can do research on the Internet in order to find the terminology used in the specific field that you are currently employed in. It is important that you adopt an inquisitive approach towards learning, and find the meaning of any business word that you are currently unfamiliar with. A business dictionary can prove to be particularly helpful, since you’ll be able to find the complete meanings for new terms and their relevant usage within business communication.

2. Read Business-Related Material

You can significantly enhance your vocabulary by reading a wide variety of material related to your field or business.

Reading business information and current updates will not only allow you to remain abreast with the recent changes in the business environment but also allow you to keep up with any changes in terminology. This knowledge can prove to be essential when you are communicating with third parties or working on customer contracts.READ MORE